360° DIAGNOSTICS People – Ideas – Innovations



Ladies and Gentlemen,
it is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the first edition of 360° DIAGNOSTICS People – Ideas – Innovations, which will be held in Łódź on March 15-17, 2022.

360° DIAGNOSTICS is a new event addressed to everyone involved in the broad spectrum of diagnostic science and technology.

The trade fair continues to be an excellent area to strengthen the brand position in the market. In many economic sectors, B2B and B2C relationships cannot be 100% transferred to the internet. Trade fairs offer many advantages for companies of all sizes. After a hiatus of many months due to the coronavirus pandemic, participation in an exhibition-like event is particularly important.

The full name of our event is not without reason: 360° DIAGNOSTICS People – Ideas – Innovations. Without the creativity of people and teams there are no ideas, no unique solutions are created. Our trade fair is intended to be a stage for the effects of creative processes. We want to showcase modern diagnostics from virtually every angle, we want to talk about it all the time.

We would like to invite: manufacturers, distributors, trade organisations, universities, research and science centres, laboratory networks, support entities and the media. We want the 360° DIAGNOSTICS trade fair to be a platform not only for presenting state-of-the-art technological solutions, but also for exchanging knowledge and experiences. Education will certainly be an integral part of the event. Discussion panels, hot topics, lectures, workshops and, above all, experts from all over the world will connect those who seek information with those who know how important it is to share it. 

See you in Łódź, the heart of Poland.

Detailed offer for exhibitors will be published in October.